Sunday, July 26, 2009

Anniversary etc.

Yesterday was Andrei and Tanya's 10th Anniversary, so we invited them for supper. I fired up the Barbie and threw some burgers on to cook. Tanya boiled up corn on the cob (yes, from our garden) and we celebrated in style.

Masha never stops to eat. She and Maxim sat at the table long enugh for him to eat a burger and then they were off again. Tanya took Masha's home to eat before bed time. Kids eat then to avoid going to bed.

Maxim and his Baba Lucia were at the market this morning and he bought a new flower for his Babushka's garden. Lucia was busy transplanting it when I went over to admire the new acquisition. That kid knows the name of every flower on the place.

Friday and Saturday I had some repair work done on the car's rear suspension. Several hours work and the bill was about $130 CAD. Local mechanic. Kia Service who MUST change our oil and check the car over every 15,000 km to preserve the power train warranty charge that much for an oil change.

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