Monday, August 24, 2009

Independence Day

Today, August 24th is Ukrainian Independence Day. Ukraine has been an independent republic since 1991, when it separated from the fast disintegrating USSR. My buddy, Artur, celebrated by going to his in-laws to dig potatoes. He says you are only independent as long as you have something to eat.

Tanya's cold is better (???). It is now a dry hacking cough but breathing is easier.

Lena and Roman dropped in this afternoon for a short visit. Lena brought her friend Yulia whom we had not met before. Lena raided our garden for tomatoes and Musk Melons. After tea, I drove them home and then tried to find some bread. Our usual shop was closed for the national holiday and our little neighbourhood store was out of bread. Pancakes for breakfast. Yeah!!!

Dogs behaved well on their walk tonight and went home into their yard like good puppies should. I have a few fixed routes which I have walked a hundred times each. The key is to keep my dogs away from chickens, other dogs and grumpy neighbours so exploring is limited. Tonight in desperation, I walked an old route (along the marsh) from the other direction. Amazing how that changes the view, looking at it from the oposite side. The rushes are so high that they hide the trail in many places, so the humps and holes are new too. And the Russian Olive (Thanks, John) scratch me on the other side.

I am reminded of the man who had only bread and cheese to eat. Most days he ate bread and cheese. Some days he ate cheese and bread. Other days just cheese or just bread. I think I need to up my meds?


  1. Reminds me of a joke. An immigrant who spoke no english came to the U.S.. He got a job in a factory and had his relative teach him how to order lunch, apple pie and coffee. For weeks on end it was apple pie and coffee. He was up to here with apple pie and coffee so he had his relative teach him something else, cheese sandwich. At lunch he proudly said to the waitress "cheese sandwich". The waitress looked at him and said "on white or rye?" The man sheepishly said "apple pie and coffee." :-)

  2. D - I can identify with that totally. Versions of it happen to me anytime I go into a shop for something.