Monday, June 18, 2012

Bad Roads and Vigilantes

From time to time I may mention Ukraine's abysmal roads in my blog rants.  This article from TruthDig is an excellent description of the situation in Russia and can help you understand why Ukraine's roads are so bad as everything works the same here.  The cost of road construction and repair is prohibitively high as so little of the money makes it to the actual road.

On another front, I heard today of a city in Ukraine that had a serious drug problem.  Everyone knew who was involved but the police who had been paid off ignored all please to do anything.  Nine young men decided enough was enough and ran the dealers out of town.  They are now in jail and the dealers are back under the watchful eye of the local constabulary. this is standard procedure in Russia but first I heard of it in Ukraine. 

Yanukovich is poisoning this country. Opposition is building to him and the Party of the Regions BUT it will remain to be seen whether they are allowed to win in the elections this fall.


  1. Brings a while new meaning to the word "criminal," does't it.

    That's the next big things here in Canada and the US. Police being bought and staying bought.

  2. Those roads remind me of Pennsylvania roads. Same situation with weather and corrupt politicians and contractors.
    And Rob is right I have yet to see a Wall Streeter be put in jail.

  3. Well!!!! Despite what Demeur said, I just bet things are worse in the Ukraine than they are anywhere in the U.S., although it's true that rich men rarely do jail time here.