Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Iolo System Mechanic 16.0 Stops Working

System Mechanic has been my go-to computer clean up and tune up software for many years.  It costs me about $40 per year but has been worth it in terms of performance.  Current version is 16.0 to which I just upgraded a week or so ago.

The program had been giving me some trouble for a couple of months.  It would quit working in the middle of automated analysis and clean up.  So when the upgrade did the same thing two nights in a row, I decided enough. Using Google with my title as search text input, I found THIS link.

Took me an afternoon but it worked and I hope fixed a few other things as well.  The problem was something in Windows. Here are the steps to doing a total overhaul on Windows XP to 10.

1. Entirely delete the contents of all Temp folders.  I used CCleaner which is free from this website: It removes all of the following and a great deal more.  You can chose what it will remove but these are critical. Reboot afterwards.
  • Cookies
  • Local Settings\Temp
  • Local Settings\History
  • Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files
2. Disable Windows security systems including antivirus.  I did not need to uninstall Malware Bytes but was warned it may be necessary if disabling them does not truly shut them off.  I did turn off the Firewall. Windows Repair must be installed with no security software interference.

3. Download and install Windows Repair (All In One) which is free from this website:

4. Follow all the directions in Windows Repair.  It walks you through step by step.  I did all the optional scans and of course the mandatory backups. Some of the steps take time.  Be patient.

5. Once you have run the repairs, reboot and test.


  1. I've used CCleaner, but I'd never heard of System Mechanic - if I have a problem, I'm more of a hack-the-registry type. ;-) Glad you got everything working again!

    1. You can try it for free. I sure like it. My IT guy says I don't need it, I just need him. Right; at $70/hour

  2. I hate tech problems almost as bad as plumbing.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. I hear you. The sink tap in the upstairs bathroom works fine on cold but only runs a trickle on hot. I need to tear it apart BUT. . .

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