Sunday, January 6, 2013

С Рождеством; Христос родился

Christmas Blessings

wishing you

The Gladness of Christmas,

which is Hope,

The Spirit of Christmas,

which is Peace,

The Essence of Christmas,

which is Love.

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Roman Petrovich Romanenko 9/12/1982-1/01/2013

Roman Petrovich Romanenko passed from this life at about 10 am this morning, January 1, 2013 after suffering (from what we believe to have been) a massive heart attack. He leaves to mourn him his beloved wife, Liana; his mother Tanya Romanenko and his step-father Allen Hingston, his brother Andrei (Tania) Bainov, his aunts Raia (Vladik) Vaiman, Vera Romanenko and Luda (Valerie) Antonova, niece Masha, several cousins and an extended family too great to number. Roman was predeceased by his father, Pyotr and his uncles, Vasyl Romanenko and Sasha Franskevich and both sets of grandparents.

Roman was born December 9, 1982, in Beli Yar, Republic of Khakasia, Russia SSR. He moved to Zholti Vody, Ukraine with his parents at about 5 years of age and attended school in Zholti Vody. He moved to Dnipropetrovs'k when his folks moved there and that is where he met Liana Rozhko, who was a grad student at his mother's research institute. They had six wonderful years together, the last three here in Zhovti Vody.

Roman's health was very bad most of his life.  At 16 an emergency operation saved his life and he inherited diabetes and a bad heart from his late father. He was unable to do physical work and had no aptitude for academics, (though he could have if he applied himself).  He was quite artistic but Ukraine is over run with superb artists.  His computer was his refuge and he was quite at home on the internet.  He was never in a bad mood and could always be relied on to bring smiles to everyone's face with his humour.  He loved to cook and was the best shashlik BBQer in the country!

Funeral arrangements TBA.
We all knew, and you knew too, that you were living on borrowed time, my son, but even another 10 years would have been nice. But it was not to be.  Rest in Peace.  The world is a sadder place.

In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not.