Saturday, November 5, 2022

Getting ready to go

 Tanya had most of the house stuff packed away, leaving out enough for the family who will be renting it. When I got here my concern was organizing Lucky's flight from Frankfurt to Calgary by cargo. I found a pet freight forwarder and I hope they have a crate big enough for him. I Googled the size I need and nothing came up in Canada or USA that was even close.

Lucky weighs 40 kg, measures 110 cm nose to tail head, 80 cm to the tops of his ears standing and 90 cm sitting. front leg to base of chest is 40 cm, and 30 cm across the shoulders. According to the fitting chart, he needs a crate 50 inches long and 40 inches high. I haven't heard back from the pet transfer company yet.

We have rented a small house with a good sized fenced in yard in Regina so Lucky will become a house dog like everyone else's dogs. He will love that. I will take him for walks and maybe to a dog park if he behaves himself. 

We took him to the vets to weigh him. His second only car ride and he behaved well. At home he barks at everything and everyone but in town he wanted to be friends with everyone in the clinic and every small dog. The small dogs felt otherwise.

Tanya goes on Monday to jump the bureaucratic hoops to register the family as our renters. We take so much for granted in Canada as most of these hoops are already looked after and we don't think about them. 

Once that is done there is not much holding us here except a few last minute details, I expect. There is always something.  Some days I wish we had never left and somedays I am glad we did. It will be a hard winter in Ukraine though fortunately the weather has been very mild to date.

We have a suitcase half packed and Tigritsa and Bonya both think it is perfect for sleeping on. First come claims it and the other sleeps on the floor beside it hoping to steal the spot. The family that will stay here will look after the cats as we cannot take them with us.

So they remember our cats' names

Lucky relative to a volleyball

Grayden is three months old

Looking forward to seeing Baby Yoda, I am