Friday, January 8, 2021

Just a low level subordinate who brought us coffee.

 Some things strike me funny. Actually most things but I shouldn't admit that. 

After Wednesday's Bay of  Pigs, people are resigning and running as fast as they can. The rats are leaving the ship they helped to sink. "Trump? I hardly knew him. I think I met him once. Just a low level subordinate who brought us coffee sometimes".

And people like Cruz and Hawley and of course, Trump, saying, "We had nothing to do with the invasion of the US Capitol Building". 

Yeah, right. It reminds me of a story. Actually everything reminds me of a story but anyhow...yes, I've told it before. I can do that. I am old.

Business was so good in Madame Lucretia's Bordello that she decided to build on and double it in size and uh, seating capacity. Construction was proceeding rapidly and the Church across the street was mortified. They prayed long, loudly, and publicly that God would prevent the construction and indeed destroy the building.

Wouldn't you know it, during a hot summer's night, lightning struck the Bordello and burned the place to the ground. Madame Lucretia sued the Church for destroying her business. The congregation defended itself by saying that in no way were they responsible. 

The judge found himself in an awkward position. As he said, "On one hand we have the owner of a brothel fervently believing in the power of prayer and on the other hand we have a Church claiming it is all bullshit".