Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Day 7, 14 hours in

 History lessons can wait as we are making history as I write. Ukraine is holding on. Target cities are being bombed and attacked with rockets unmercifully, targeting civilians with cluster bombs and thermobaric or vacuum bombs. Hospitals, nurseries etc.

The Chechens seem to have been wiped out. Paratroopers have landed in Kharkiv but I do not expect they will survive either. Mariupol is the last link in a land route from Russia to Crimea. It is surrounded and being shelled heavily. I think tanks may already have entered. The long convoy enroute to Kyiv is stalled 20 km out. 

Tanya told me that the Russians had gone house to house in a small village and shot 100 people. I expect in retaliation for something. She told me Yanukovych is in Belarus. the intent is to kill all in Kyiv and place Yanukovych as President. He is another Kadyrov so would suit Putin fine. 

Once a day I check with our friends in Kyiv. One of our friends has her family safe at their dacha and yesterday went back to check on her apartment. Sheesh! 

There may be 600,000 refugees crossing the border to Poland and other countries. Trains are still running. So far as I know, St Sofia's Cathedral, the heart of European culture is still standing, though they plan to destroy it. Hatred and spite are powerful emotions.  

I think the MSM is doing not bad of reporting with journalists on the ground though I just read a WAPO article that was hopelessly uninformed of details. See Kyiv Independent for up to date local news reporting. 

The anonymous troll who has been harassing me has not gone away. Too cowardly to leave a name. He writes English but seem to have no comprehension of written English. No knowledge of Ukrainian history. Maybe he is part of the St Petersburg troll factory? All I can say to him is what the guys on Serpent Island told the Russian ship. GFY. 

Refugees at Polish border (Kyiv Independent) 

Yesterday. Source Reuters