Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kuchma Kot and Krasotka Koshka

Lina moved in with us after Roman died and will stay until she feels able to face the empty flat again.  She has her best friend from childhood visiting her this week and they have been staying at the apartment together so that is good.

When Lina moved here she brought Roman's cat. Krasotka (Babe) is a very pretty one year old female with soft silky black fur which she keeps very clean.  We have had quite a few smiles watching this young cat adjust to our house and to Kuchma and watching Kuchma adjust to another cat and a female at that. When one or the other had been outside and came in, they would run up to each other, touch noses and then she would bat him upside of the head.

At first they squabbled, then they mated and now they ignore each other.  She will have kittens in mid March sometime of which we will keep one, maybe two.

Because the apartment was ground floor, she entered and exited through their kitchen window, sitting on the ledge until it was safe to jump down or until Roman opened the window to let her in.  She is not fussy about using our front door to go in and out, preferring that we open the living room window so she can enter and exit as she is used to.  She bangs on the window to be let in.

Kuchma comes home after hours away all dirty and ragged looking; Krasotka comes home as clean as when she left.  Including feet.  One day she banged on the window to be let in, then ran and used her litter box.  House trained!

She is the most curious little critter especially when it comes to shelves.  She climbs up on the book shelves, climbs into and empties the shelves in the closet. She loves to sit on things and look. Like Tanya's desk or the coffee table or the kitchen counter.  Actually she likes to sleep on the kitchen counter as it is right over the radiators and nice and warm.  She will climb on my knee at meal time and sit.  If Lina isn't here she will jump onto the table and park her butt on Lina's place mat and watch us eat.

She likes to play but has no one to play with.  Kuchma does NOT play.  One day, the two of them were sleeping on the divan in the front entry.  Kuchma's tail would twitch and she would grab it.  Finally she dragged it into her mouth and chewed on it.  Kuchma woke up and stalked off.


  1. Cats are special people.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. I just love the top cat photo of one sleepy cat and one stretcher cat. You might remember that year before last, we got our first cat in over 40 years. He's a lot of fun, but sometimes I do wish we had two cats so, hopefully, he would have someone to play with.

    1. Cats are miniature women in fur coats. Most animals are pack or social animals and at least when young should have another to play with if you don't want to spend unlimited time being the other cat/dog. Kuchma is more of an outdoor cat, always has been, but Krasotka is a house cat and likes company.


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