Sunday, August 25, 2013

An Irish Nurse In Africa - a Book Review

An Irish Nurse in AfricaAn Irish Nurse in Africa by Brian Ross
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

An Irish Nurse in Africa and its companion novel The Irish Boer (both available on Smashwords) were originally written as one novel. The publishers refused it as it was over 300,000 words which is apparently forbidden for a first time author. So Brian Ross tried to split the book and in my opinion ruined it (hence only three stars) as unless you read them both at the same time as the author suggests, everything seems out of sync. I wish he would put it back together and re-publish it under another title. I would read it again.

Having said that, the books are still a good read. The author writes dialogue well and realistically. His battle scenes make one feel part of the fight. The stories occur in roughly the first year of the Second Anglo-Boer War(1899-1902) and follow actual historical events quite closely. Francis O'Driscoll is an Irish nurse who finds herself on the side of the British while the Irish Boer is her brother Arthur who leads a Boer Commando fighting for his adopted homeland.

Full disclosure: Arthur and Francis were my Great Grandmother Ross's brother and sister. The Irish background details in the book are true as are SOME of their adventures. Francis was indeed a nurse with the British army and Arthur did lead a Boer Commando which participated in some of the battles described in the book.

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  1. Far Out. I have an ancestor who was the first traitor hung by a legal US court. Ancestors had all the fun

    1. That is awesome. I expect my ancestors may have helped hang a few Irish as the first Hingston in County Cork (likely a Cornishman) was given land in about 1653 by Oliver Cromwell.

  2. I took fourth place in a shooting match on Saturday, not bad for an old drunk.

    1. Does your horse lean against the wall and cross its legs too?


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