Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fascism, Russia, and Ukraine

The Rada are having problems forming a new cabinet.  Outside of the usual horse-trading among the coalition parties and the need to include some Party Of Regions, there are the protesters on the Maidan to consider.  The barricades have not come down because they fear counter attacks; they are staying put until the government gets it act together, likely after May 25th.  They are not making the same mistake they made in 2004.  Any cabinet appointments have to pass muster with the people and they do not want to see the same old same old.

The Russian propaganda machine is in full forward high gear as it stirs up fears in the Russian speaking south east and the 60% Russian Crimea.  The Rada did a very stupid thing when they cancelled the law making Russian language the almost-equal second official language of Ukraine.  It was hardly a pressing problem and gave the Russians a lot of ammunition.  They are now claiming all people of Ukraine will be forced to speak Ukrainian which is of course nonsense.

However Russian is the language of Colonialism; there was a time when Ukrainian language was suppressed which has not been forgotten by the Ukrainians either.  The Russian nationality of Ukraine outside of Crimea need to keep in mind that many of their ancestors were moved to Ukraine to replace the millions of Ukrainians who died in Stalin's enforced famine.

The people of Russia are opposed to the events in Ukraine according to a survey.  Of course they are.  I am sure that the people who watch Fox News are opposed to the government of Venezuela too.  When all you have access to is Фокс Нюз, there is not much likelihood of any other conclusions.  And if you do not agree with the government viewpoint in Russia (or previously in the USSR), what are your choices?

The Leftish press (Alternet, TruthDig, others) in America is picking up big time on a major Russian speaking point about Nazis and fascists having taken over Ukraine.  Even UK's The Guardian is getting into the act.  What troubles me most about the misinformation are the vitriolic comments, totally devoid of fact, especially those directed at Ukrainians who try to explain the truth.  It is a reminder that ignorance and hatred are not exclusive to Republicans and the Extreme Right in any country.

Please, please, read and spread this article from the New York Review of Books "Fascism, Russia and Ukraine".  It is well written and gives a great deal of information both historical and current about Putin's Eurasian Union and the ideology which drives it.  NYRB has several other good articles on Ukraine and .

See also The Globalist and Financial Times

In other news, the Chinese Communist Party is working hard to clean up corruption.  They have no elections to lose; it is MUCH more serious.


  1. You've given me plenty to read. I really hope it all works out. There is a large contingent of Ukrainians just north of me in Thunder Bay. I need to find out what they are thinking, too.

    1. Jono, if you talk to them, let me know what they think, OK. How many years since they left Ukraine and what part are they from?

  2. Thanks for this update. I get my info from a lot of sources and try to sort it out as the dust settles. I have found your insights to be invaluable. I anticipated the events yesterday in Crimea but you have helped me to put it into perspective. I'm a transplanted American who could never even contemplate going back to America. I am a history bluff, artist, rapidly aging punk rocker who has worked as an agricultural laborer for the last 12 years for the same Chateau in the Lalande-de-Pomerol region of France learning how to make a truly great wine. But, I am an obsessive political junkie with the blogging equivalent of Tourette Syndrome....

    1. But, I am an obsessive political junkie with the blogging equivalent of Tourette Syndrome....
      That describes me also.

  3. Russian military bases in the Crimea give Russia more than a vested interest - they will never relinquish this. Why not a two state? Just asking.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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