Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Murder in a small town

My mind has been otherwise occupied and multi-tasking is not a strong suit.  Not much has changed.  The cease-fire that never was is still "holding".  The Russian side continues to attack Ukrainian held towns and villages along the border between the Russian held area of eastern Ukraine and the rest of Ukraine.

Ukraine still holds the Donetsk airport and hundreds of terrorists and Russian soldiers have died trying to take it.  Supplies run the gauntlet of fire but are still coming through.  Russia continues to send "Humanitarian Aid" most of which is military supplies, and returns with cargoes of bodies and equipment looted from factories.  The Ukrainian government has shut down all services inside the Russian held area including pensions.  They want independence; they got it.

There are already reports of people starving to death and it will only get worse as winter comes.  There may be food but there is no money (and no jobs) to buy it. Russia has been busy moving troops and equipment into the area and Ukraine has been busy reorganizing its military and digging in for defensive purposes.  The expected attacks are still expected. the reason (Crimea) still holds.

After Putin got his ass kicked in Brisbane, he understands that the only person with less respect is Rodney Dangerfield and is seething for revenge.  Perhaps it will be served cold.

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We had a reminder in our town about a month ago of exactly what world Ukraine lives in.  A local businessman also involved in farming was murdered gangland style outside our best restaurant.  The man was well liked by everyone except a few big guys in whose side he was a constant thorn, fighting against corruption on behalf of small people.  The man parked his car outside the restaurant and went in to eat.  An old Lada parked beside it and two men got out and walked away.  Nothing unusual about that.

Inside the car was a high powered rifle on a remote.  When the victim came out of the restaurant and went to get in his car, he took three bullets in the back.  The old Lada then burst into flames and was completely consumed by fire, leaving no prints, no DNA, no nothing.  There is suspicion but no proof of who the Boss was who ordered the hit but the men who did it will never be found, even without corruption. Very professional.


  1. Yikes. The world is a very scary place, and the Ukraine is one of the scarier spots right now. It must be hard to maintain a 'normal' life there, even in an area that isn't directly involved in the fighting.

    1. From what I know about Ukrainian history this is as close to normal as it gets. People here are survivors; they just keep on keeping on.

  2. That was rather high tech for a mob hit. Remote control rifle? And a self-destructing Lada? Someone among the criminal element has been watching too many James Bond movies.

    1. Not very high tech in a country at war with lots of guns and explosives and a great many ex-soldiers from previous times experienced in the art of killing. Much safer than an old time mob hit where the guy is shot down face to face coming out of the restaurant a la Al Capone style. No one would have even noticed these guys.

  3. What can Americans say about gun violence - we are the poster country for mindless shootings.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. This was not mindless. Actually we have few if any of them. Most murders are connected with the mafia or a result of domestic violence though they tend to be knife/beating.


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