Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cats and Dogs; Odds and Sods

Last months flurry of posts on the Russian war against Ukraine boosted my numbers and actually brought Russia up to Number three Position for hits on my blog (Canada 400, USA 350, Russia 50) but it came at a cost.  Ukraine is not doing well economically nor militarily and the hundreds of news articles I read on the Internet made me highly depressed which is why you haven't seen me until today.

Yesterday a good friend emailed me and said blog about dogs, cats and kids.  He must have known I needed the break.  I may even blog about cows at some point, so be warned.

We have a new dog.  At least so far no one has claimed her and we have put up a number of posters.  Kashtanka (little chestnut) is a small young (>1 yr) reddish female about 7 kg who joined us on a walk about 10 days ago and has not left since, even though we have given her ample opportunity. She has become Volk's wife and he is quite content and does not cry all night like he has since Bobik died.

There is some question as to whether she married for love or money.  Volk has a big house, lots of food and a comfortable life but he is 7 years old, much older than she.  Kashtanka has a young male friend from next door.

Lucia and Zhenia's little male puppy, Lord, which is about 6 or 7 months old now can squeeze under their fence.  He and Volk played together until  Kashtanka arrived.  Kashtanka likes to play with Lord because he is young and bouncy while Volk is suddenly all serious business.  He doesn't try to kill Lord (yet) but does try to discipline him rather severely.  Lord just thinks he is playing rough and continues to make a nuisance of himself.

Kashtanka has gone for her veterinary visit and is recovering at Sveta's until she can come home and go back in Volk's yard.  Kashtanka is a nice name but clumsy.  Do I call her Kasha (porridge) for short or Tanka (rude short name for Tatiana)?

Kashtanka was not fussy about getting her picture taken
Volk seems to be taking her absence in stride, only crying a few times. How to explain she will come back?  Yesterday was clear and sunny so we went for a long walk almost up to the lake east of us, which made him happy as he could explore places he had not been for a while.  I almost fell in the creek that drains the lake down to the Zhovti River and came home mud to the hocks.

Water build up in our marsh area
Last fall someone got a good burn of the dry reeds in our marsh and this winter there has been a build up of water in the area, deep enough to ripple in the wind.  This panorama is from four photos taken with my mobile phone.  The frogs and ducks will be happy in spring. I am sure the Phragmites reeds grass will be 3 to 5 meters tall again by the end of June.  That is amazing stuff; grows like bamboo.

We have been house and town bound for months it seems.  Tanya bought a painting on line from an artist in Poltava.  Maybe we can take the train and go and see the gallery.  I have never been to Poltava though I was close back in 1999 when several of us went to the  Mgarsky Monastery and Holodomor Memorial nearby.

The cats are fine; they send their love.


  1. Gone to the dogs; still running a cat house. Some thing never change for you, do they BF?

    Well, except for the military situation in Ukraine. Glad you don't live any closer than you do to the variable front line.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

    1. Thanks, Bear. Spring is coming and with it sunlight and perhaps hope.

  2. A neighbors cat that I call the grumpy old bastard moved in with us cuz he got tired of the frisky dogs over there.

    Because we make and sell weapons we will likely sell you some to help in your efforts, but the fucking politicians will decide what you get.

    1. BBC, your neighbour's cat is smart even if grumpy. As to weapons, so far nothing. Kerry was here and said no weapons. Given the type of governments America usually supports, I am surprised they are not selling them to Russia.

  3. The President is talking about offering weapons and training to Ukrainian forces; but will that escalate the conflict? We up the ante will Russia call and raise?

    Enjoy your dog and your life - we are all helpless of politics and nations.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. The conflict is escalating anyhow with or without arming Ukraine.
      One does feel helpless at times, yes, but we must never give in.

  4. I'd welcome an occasional cow post.

    As for Ukraine's political situation, knowing the way the U.S. military-industrial complex works, I wouldn't put it past the weasels (aka arms dealers) to figure out a way to sell munitions to both sides in the conflict. They've done it in the past.


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