Thursday, May 14, 2015

Spanish Holiday - The Abbey of Montserrat

We booked three excursions, one of which was to the Abbey of Montserrat, located about 45 km west of Barcelona The link above is to the Abbey's website.  See also Wikipedia. And Google Montserrat Images for more pictures than you will find here.

It was an incredible experience.  Located nestled high among the peaks of Montserrat, 4000 feet above the valley floor, the highest point on the Catalan plain, it can be accessed by car or by rack-railway.  We took the railway up and the bus met us at the top to come down.  As we navigates the hairpin turns going down, with 1000' drop offs, I kept hoping the bus driver had no suicidal tendencies.

There is far more to it than just 70 monks. The place is huge, with a basilica, museum and lodging for pilgrims of which there are many.  There is a boys' choir and a large staff. Tourism appears to make the place pay for itself.

At the Rack-Rail station. The Abbey is "somewhere up there"

The Abbey of Montserrat

A large open Plaza

The front of the basilica

Jesus and the Twelve O'Possums (from a Sunday School paper)


Black Madonna and Child

Listening to the Boys Choir

There are several km of trails along the face of the mountain connecting shrines and holy places

A small church on the face of the mountain

Looking down into the valley

Looking towards Barcelona


  1. The pics look awesome. But I don't think anyone there can save Regina!

    1. But the young fellows are sure giving it the old college try.

  2. Spectacular! This is my favourite kind of tourism: where somebody else bears all the inconveniences of travelling and I get to see the high points through their pictures. My only regret is that I don't get to taste the food!

    1. We had over 750 pictures of which at least 700 were food ones. It was an incredible trip. Research it in person for a spy story

    2. Now, there's a brilliant thought! More research is required... :-)


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