Sunday, February 28, 2016

Where Does Everyone Live?

Maps and charts are a hobby of mine since I am visually and spatially oriented.  Ran into some interesting ones about where people live. No surprise most Canadians live on or south of the 49th.  However most Americans live south of the 43rd and most Europeans live north of the 43rd.

China and India have huge populations but they are concentrated into small areas.  Half the world's population lives on 1% of the land area.

As always, click the images to enlarge.

Where people live - north and south.
50% of Canadians live in the red census districts

50% of Americans live in the blue counties
50% of the world's population lives in the yellow areas.  More detailed maps in link


  1. Interesting that I live in a blue area. I am over a hundred miles from any major city in a pretty desolate area. Laughlin Nevada has millions of visitors each year but only about 7500 people actually live here and call it home.

  2. think most people know I live in West, by Goddess, Texas...most are catholic and republican..sigh*

    1. Texas seems to me to be a good place to be FROM, ,the frommer the better. The GOPers will vote Trump and the Dems will vote HRC on Super Tuesday, neither of which is very super

  3. Ha. Nice to know I'm in a red zone, but unfortunately Ontario has four times more people than Alberta so our vote still doesn't count for anything. *sigh*

  4. Move to PEI, your vote is worth 10 votes there

  5. Seems to me that picking leaders has nothing to do, or not much to do with areas of high population. It has to do with who votes and who does not. Otherwise why is Iowa so damn important. Or New Hampshire the wannabe live free state?


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