Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What to Write?

Muhammad Ali and Gordie Howe both hung up their gloves in the past couple weeks.  Tremendous losses to their sports.  And to humanity.

The Orlando massacre brought the usual Christians out to rejoice in the murder of anyone not like them and provided grist for more outrage about America's lunatic gun culture.  As one editorial put it, Sandy Hook marked the end of any serious attempt at gun control.  Once you decide it is OK to kill children, anything goes.  And the ammosexuals are now claiming Wounded Knee as the perfect example of why citizens need guns to protect themselves from government.  US Cavalry disarmed a group of Sioux and then shot them all including 200 women and children.

There is a great deal less difference between American and Russian democracy that one might think.  Anyone following the Democratic primaries knew the fix was in.  Now they have proof and are going to court.

Racketeering Lawsuit Exposing Nationwide Vote Rigging in DNC Primaries Could Derail Clinton


Those electronic voting machines are something wonderful.  They gave Bush the presidency the second time when Ohio suddenly switched sides.  They have been shown time and time again to be totally unreliable except for fixing votes.  So why use them?  Other countries managed to actually count ballots, though I hear Putin is interested in them as busing people from poll to poll is expensive.  Erdogan should try them too.  Then the electricity wouldn't have to simultaneously go out during ballot counting in all major centres across Turkey.

Do Russians Want War? 

This article from Carnegie Moscow Centre is a long read but if you want to know what is going on inside Russia today, worth your time.

Oh, yes.  And Saskatchewan's beloved Premier, Harper wannabe Brad Wall successfully won reelection by hiding the true nature of Saskatchewan's finances, only to reveal afterwards that the province is begining in to look like it did in 1987 under Grant Devine.  After negotiating a 1.9% raise for Saskatchewan's teachers for this year, he has just announced that the government will fund only half and the school boards are stuck for the rest of it.

This is old news but does indicate a return to business as usual with the Canadian government of Justin Trudeau.


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