Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Random Trumpanzee Stuff I Have Collected


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    1. Yup. And I am going to leave the political cartoons to you. Yours are better

  2. That is quite a collection of comments on the Trump dynasty so far.... all 2 weeks of it. Sad, sad, sad.
    I was on holiday in the USA when Obama was elected for the first time, 2008, such a different feeling in the air. People were actually happy.... well, perhaps not all of them, but nothing like this.

    1. Yes, it is quite a different world today from Obama's election. The first two years, he tried communication and compromise. After that it was too late. Everything he wanted to do, the Republicans successfully blocked unless it was done by EO. Now people are afraid, wondering what have I done and what will I do, what will happen to me and my family.

  3. Trump is god's gift to cartoonists, satirists and meme makers alright!


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