Sunday, July 22, 2018

Fifty Years is a long time

Next year will be 50 years since I graduated from the University of Saskatchewan, College of Agriculture. The Saskatchewan Ag Grads Association (SAGA) holds a several day reunion every January.  Any graduate is free to attend but those grads celebrating 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60+ years are specifically encouraged to attend at least the Friday night banquet.

I was at my 30th in 1999 and thought I was old then.  Our grad class, those that were there posed for a photograph. What a bunch of old men. Hah! My friend, professor, and mentor, Dr. Christensen celebrated his 41st year in 1999 and another of my professors, the late Dr. Red Williams was celebrating his 50th. I thought he was REALLY old. Dr. Christensen celebrated 60 years this year. I was so hoping Dr. Williams would make the reunion in January with 70 years but not to be.

Since I am in Canada for a while yet, I am going to our 50th reunion banquet, good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise. Each grad year has a 'chairman' who is responsible for getting the word out, encouraging attendance and flogging banquet tickets.  No one had offered to chair the '69 Grads so I was volunteered by a '65 grad who happens to be a shirttail relative. Since it is something that can be done on my computer, I can handle it.

Today I got busy and started organizing the mailing lists I have of the '69 Grads.  Just got a new list in tonight so will look at it in the morning.

There were about 50 of us then, now we are minus a few. No girls in those days, now they are 60% of the graduates.

Fall of 1968, 4th Year Employment bulletin circulated to prospective employers


  1. How did Graeme's picture get placed in your yearbook?

    1. He doesn't look enough like me to use my membership card to get into Costco.

    2. Seems like you plan to be in Canada for at least six more months. What is your health perspective? Will you be able to return to Ukraine in the foreseeable future?
      It is good to stay busy. My thoughts are with you.
      the Ol'Buzzard

    3. I'll be here for another year, until after my daughter's wedding, even if I am well enough to go home. Not sure when my reversal surgery will be, still waiting to hear. then we'll see. Thanks for thinking of me. My surgeon says I need to "eat and walk" but I also need to keep my brain busy.

  2. What a blast from the past! I always get a chuckle from the personal information that used to be part of a resume. These days prospective employers can't even ask your age; certainly not your marital status.

    Congratulations on your 50th reunion, and here's hoping you get a surgery date soon.

    1. Long time ago. Notice the phone number. Still had the old operator system. Cant recall when the farm finally got a dial phone.

  3. wow i like your history. thanks for shearing with us. i am impressed just because of your struggles you did. thanks for shearing.
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