Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Best Country Duet

This is the first I have been on the internet for days.  Anything that requires mental dexterity ie the ability to think just wears me out.  So I stick to Facebook as that requires no thinking whatsoever.

Maybe you can help me solve a discussion I had with a friend of mine regarding the top country duet ever.  I picked Kenny and Dolly singing Islands in the Stream and he said Johhny and June singing Jackson.  I could easily go either way on that and added that in number 3 would be George and Tamy singing Golden Ring. Opinions, please.

And argue for others like Waylon and Jesse or Kris and Rita too. (Islands in the Stream will only play on YouTube)


  1. I really can't pick; I like all the ones you mentioned!! There's one that's been on the radio lately, a more recent duet; if I can remember the name of it I'll come back and leave another comment.

  2. Wow, how could you even attempt to choose?!? Love them all; but Dolly's joie de vivre gave me the biggest grin!

  3. How do I find you on Facebook?

  4. ooooh sorry I am definitely not a country music fan. And I don't really know much about the singers that you have mentioned. But I do like Dolly, she's a very spunky lady!


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