Saturday, August 24, 2019

Time flies, whether you are having fun or not.

Slept wrong about a week ago and have been paying ever since with sore neck muscles. When I was young I had to get thrown off a horse (ok, I fell off, John Wayne) to feel this bad. Finally went to a Medical Massage therapist, sort of combination Chiropractic and Massage. He wanted an X-ray first but I refused. The X-Ray at the old hospital is old and terrible. It might confirm I had bones in my body - or not. So I went for an MRI at a local private clinic. First time. Waited an hour to get in, cost $50. Images sent to a specialist in Dnipro and back the next day.

Hitachi, looked like this. I barely squeezed under it.

Even translated into English, I didn't understand the diagnosis but there were enough words to let me know I was getting old. Two sessions with the Doctor later and everything is starting to come together. One more on Monday.

Watched Key Largo while I was resting after the treatments. Whoever wrote the dialogue. . . ah, never mind. Still can't beat Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon.

Now I always have a song running through my head, or two or three, sometimes simultaneously. Scary thought. For a long time, it was Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms. Then it was the Stanley Brothers All I Ever Loved Was You. Got tired of that so tried Shackles and Chains and Rank Stranger, both Stanley Brothers. Did I mention I love old-time Bluegrass? I only knew the chorus to those so gave that up for now. I need to sing the whole song in my head.

Someone posted Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show Cover of the Rolling Stone.  Love these guys, they have so much fun on stage, likely stoned the entire time. Listened a few times and can do the entire song end to end.  Got to wondering if they ever did get their picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone.  Well, sort of. 1973. A caricature but never the less there they were.

Rolling Stone did a great article on the band in the same issue. A not very serious rock band on the road. Long but worth reading and so funny:

Touring, then, is a lonely highway, and there are those young ladies even in the Bible Belt states who know this and offer the entourage the Christian solace of spiritual conversation. In the private shop talk of the Hook band, if she stayed with you one night, you fell in love with her. If she stayed longer or followed you to the next town, you got married. This leads to conversations in dining rooms that have endangered the hard-won sanity of waitresses the country over: 

“Remember that big tall girl you fell in love with in Asheville?”
“Fell in love? I married her.”
“Well, she’s got a big funny lump on her left breast.”

Sadly, Ray Sawyer aka Dr. Hook, passed away Dec 31, 2018, at the age of 81.


  1. "Cover of the Rolling Stone" was and still is a favourite of mine! Sorry to hear Dr Hook has gone to his reward.

    I hope you feel better soon! What kind of pillows are you sleeping on? Maybe they're too high or too firm for you -- that's what gave me terrible neck pains once when I bought new pillows for my bed. I threw them out a week later and went back to my old ones. Problem solved.

    1. Yes it was my pillow. Changed to a softer one and with the massage etc it seems back to normal

  2. Dr Hook is great. Watch it on YouTube - they are all stoned... Looks like a great time.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. I hope you get your neck sorted out. Mine is currently giving me trouble too - I'm sure it's my pillow but I can't find one of just the right height in our one-horse town :)

    1. Always pillows. Sometimes changing pillows will help. It did for me but we have lots to choose from.
      One horse towns have advantages and disadvantages.Shopping is limited but so is traffic.

  4. LOVE Dr. Hook, especially their older raunch 'n' roll! And $50 for an MRI? Wow! I paid for one in Calgary over 20 years ago, and it was over a thousand bucks. I hope your neck feels better soon (especially for that price!)

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    1. Yes. Happens from time to time. I usually catch and delete. Thanks.


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