Sunday, February 9, 2020

Bluegrass Gospel Sunday

Gospel music is one of the foundations of Bluegrass. Here are a few selections for your enjoyment, traditional and modern. I didn't know Alison Krause was ever that young.


  1. Allison Krauss is a fave of mine and yes, that video must be from the 70s when she was a teenager. I enjoyed the Vince Gill one too. He has the voice of an angel. And "Wayfaring Stranger" is a favourite song of mine. This was a great rendition.

  2. Thanks, Debra. Glad you enjoyed them.

  3. With Kentucky roots, blue grass is in my soul.
    the Ol'Buzzzard.

    1. You will like today's then. Add or correct as needed

  4. Not a bluegrass or gospel fan myself, but that doesn't take away from the amazing voices here.

  5. jenny_o, as a Maritimer, are you a fan of old-time, down-East music. People tend to be fans of their local traditional music.

  6. Actually, no, I am not. You'd think I would be, especially as my grandfather played traditional fiddle music, but it just doesn't appeal to me. I'm more a 60's and 70's rock fan :)


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