Saturday, June 5, 2021

Gardens After the Rain

 We enjoyed three days of wind, wet and 10C weather. Slow soaker of rain, no runoff. Maybe 30-50 mm. Warmed up to 20C since and you can see stuff grow. The world is green. Gardens higher up from the river where it is warmer are way ahead of us. Early potatoes in bloom, peonies in full bloom, that sort of thing. Wild roses are blooming. Poppies growing wild spotting the grassy fields with red. 

Lettuce and garlic up front, tomatoes far left, onion, beets in back

Onions. Beets on the left, carrots on the right, both need thinning

Peas far right are blooming, cucumbers show signs of life

Tanya's kitchen garden is doing well. Corn is really slow but finally coming, as are the vine vegetables. All her tomatoes are doing well and we'll need to think about staking them soon.

Tanya takes such wonderful pictures of flowers close up. I try to get pictures of the overall scene but am less than successful usually in making the photos look like what I see. That is a knack I need to learn.

Not sure what it is called in English, but it has little red blossoms that go on forever

The front half of the front flower garden

Clematis is really blooming this year.

The front flower garden has problems this year. Across the center there have been three Hosta plants for years but this year the middle on disappeared. At the back were three peonies that normally are in bloom by now. They do not look healthy at all and one seems to be missing. We are plagued with Medvedki (Mole Crickets). These are huge bugs you do not want to meet in a dark alley. They burrow under ground and eat the roots of plants. They have always been in the vegetable garden but this is the first in the flower beds that I know of. Tanya will go on a poisoning spree which will settle their hash.

Tanya has filled in space with trees, shrubs and flowering plants
that she does not have to look after

The front of the side flower garden

Looking down on the back of the side flower garden

Over head shot blocked by grape vines

Ditto but you sort of get the idea

A better overhead of the back of the side flower garden

One close up of the Lupines. They stood straight after the rain

Looking across at the neighbour's garden. Green and black.

Tanya's roses will be blooming in a week. Then all is right with my world. I love the rose bushes and shrubs. 


  1. Looks like everything's growing like topsy!

  2. The garden is looking excellent.
    Someone once told me that you can keep things alive by watering them, but they need rain to grow. I think she had a point.
    I do hope the mystery plant killer can be found and eliminated.

    1. I agree with that. There is nothing like rain to make things grow. Tanya saves rain water for her flowers if it gets dry.

  3. How beautiful! Both the flower and veggie gardens are lovely. Standing out in our veggie garden this afternoon, I remarked to Hubby, "This is what true riches look like." Row upon row of beautiful green goodies-to-be. Yum!

    Your mole crickets are horrifying. Even regular crickets creep me out a bit, but Medvedki? BLECH!

    1. There is something wonderful about gardens. Especially when I am not allowed to help.
      Yes, aren't those just delightful little critters? The cats catch and kill the odd one. Braver than I am.

  4. my garden got kilt by all the rain....Tanya's is beautiful

    1. I am so sorry, Jackiesue. All that work and nothing. Maybe it will come back. I read about a Texan who said he spent 80 years praying about rain. Seventy year praying for rain and twnn years praying for it to quit.

  5. I have some veggies in containers cos I haven't got a garden, well, just a tiny bit dug up for my runner beans. Anyway the veggies are doing well, they love rain better than watering cans.
    Your garden is wonderful, and so are Tanya's flowers.

    1. Why is that? Rain is always better than tap water. Is it because it is soft water? Container gardening is an art in itself.


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