Thursday, April 10, 2008

The First Post

Blogging is an obvious choice for those of us who are certain the world is entitled to our opinions on virtually anything. In my case it is an inherited family trait which I will blame on my father since he is no longer here to defend himself. My three daughters all have blogs. My son does not, being the quiet sort who seldom voices an opinion in public, other than to his wife.

The title to my blog was suggested by my youngest daughter. When she learned I'd had my pocket picked in the Kyiv Metro at the train station for the third time, twice in the last year, remarked "Dad, you're just blog fodder". (And regardless what your father told you, your wallet is NOT safe in your front pocket in the 8:00 am crush to get on the Metro. Put it in your luggage or your computer bag).

So today I am setting out to build a blog site and see how long it takes anyone to notice. Experiences in Ukraine and comments on books, news items, and other columns will fill the pages. With any luck, no one will notice and the outrageous comments will not generate international incidents. And I checked. There is a delete all button.

If you found me, stay tuned. Something interesting will come along sooner or later.


  1. The puns. Oh, the puns.

    Lyn, Bron, and I don't have blogs to voice our opinion, though. We blog to air public and private embarrassments.

    Let's hear some stories that involve puppies, or your wife making fun of you! Those are the best.

  2. Greetings to the world of blogging Dad. I'm going to call you the fairy blog fodder though.

  3. Fairy Blog Fodder is even better. Wish you'd thought of it sooner. I'm sure no one else has it. There are other blog fodders, drat the luck

  4. Seriously dad, if you had put your name as the "fairy" blog fodder, never would we have spoken again.

  5. Some people have no sense of humour. Ferry Blog Fodder?

  6. Yah Dad!!! I was wondering when you'd get this going. Awesome. Does Uncle David know?


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