Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Grandchildren are put on earth to entertain grandparents. Masha is my 4 ½ year old step-granddaughter, a child with a mind of her own and very firm views on how things should be done. Which is to say her way. She lives in an apartment which has no room for pets so loves to come to our house to play with our puppies Volk and Bobik and our cat Kuchma.

Masha told her parents the other day “When you die I will get puppies and a cat and do what I want”.

She was playing outside with her friend Maxim from next door to us. Tanya called her in to eat lunch. "Can I bring Maxim?" Of course. "Will you offer him food?" Of course. "Babushka, we’re good people".

At lunch, Tanya offered her chocolate and hazelnut spread on bread. "Are there preservatives in it?" I don’t know but I do know it tastes very sweet. "Well, OK, but don’t tell Mama."

Her mom sent her a natural yogurt drink (made by Danone, best name in dairy products in Europe). “I watched the advertising on TV. It is very good for children, so I drink it”.

She and Tanya were watching Chip and Dale cartoons on our TV which is in our upstairs bedroom. I laid down on my side of the bed with Masha in the middle and fell asleep. When the cartoons were over Tanya was asleep too. “Babushka, I can’t sleep. Allen snores to much. Lets go to another bedroom”. And they did.

When she went home, she left here a change of clothes, her cartoon DVD’s, her toys and her Kinder-surprise. She said “I will come back. I need my potty (garshuk) so I can spend the night.”

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  1. My goodness she's adorable. It makes me sad that it will likely be quite some time before I can get out there to meet her and visit with you. She might have outgrown the cutey stuff by then.


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