Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby Swallows

While I was away, we had two new doors installed in the passage way, lights and plug-ins installed and the walls finished in preparation for painting. Everyone was aware of the swallows and their nest and worked with them in mind. The eggs hatched sometime before July 20th. The electricians had to run the wiring just above the nest after the babies had hatched so they were especially careful.

There are four babies and four adult birds are looking after them. I have no idea about the family life of swallows, so why the extra couple are involved, I don't know. They are all quite used to humans around so this morning when I took their pictures they sat more or less calmly thorugh the whole episode. The four babies fill the nest to over flowing but would not cooperate well enough to get a good shot of all four at once.


  1. That's amazing!

  2. Very cool. Interesting how two couples are helping each other. Must be troublesome kids. Either that, or they don't know which male is the father.

  3. Lots of excitement today. The babies are flying. There were actually five of them crowded into that nest but the fifth was too weak to get food very often, I guess. It was pushed out of the nest today. Yuri put it back. They pushed it out again. It's a hard world.

  4. We have empty nest syndrome. Two days of practicing their wings and they are all off into the wild blue yonder. We see them occassionally swooping around so they have not gone far. Now it's time to clean the floor.


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