Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Tanya and I arrived home yesterday afternoon. Home never looked so good. And the garden never looked so bad. There had been good rains the first two weeks I had been gone but the week Tanya and I were on holiday, temperatures were in the mid-30's all week. Our house and dog sitter , Katya, had watered most of the house plants and some of the outdoor flower pots but there were casualties. The flower beds were a mess and the kitchen garden a desert. Tanya took the garden hose to the flowers but left the kitchen garden till today.

We had corn on the cob and fresh tomatoes for supper last night from our own garden and today picked a pail of tomatoes and peppers. Cucs are about finished but we have about 15 liters of dill pickles in our root cellar which should do us. Our apricots are done and the apples are growing fast. The ground is littered with little green apples and pits from apricots.

The sunflowers have heads the size of dinner plates but no seeds. The birds cleaned off each and every one. We were glad for them, rotten little birds!!

Volk and Bobik were glad to see me and enjoyed their walk along the river/marsh area. The trail was heavily over grown. Tomorrow I will buy a machete and pretend I am Alan Quartermain. The dogs did not want to go back into the yard last evening so they got an extra half hour of freedom.

We slept like the dead for 15 hours in the coolness of the night breeze through our windows. Holidays are OK but there is no place like home.

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