Saturday, November 22, 2008

Johnny Cake

We found cornmeal in the new grocery store, so tonight I decided to try my hand at Johnny Cake. Didn't have the family recipe so went to the internet and found one that looked simple enough. One of the recipes dirtied every dish in the house and consisted of folding and blending and sifting and... Good grief, Charlie Brown, some people don't have enough to do.

Had to make a couple of adjustments. Not enough butter so I used sunflower oil. No milk (used the last on the cornflakes yesterday morning and forgot to get some) but I found a can of sweetened condensed (like our Eagle brand for Christmas fudge) that Tanya bought for some other recipe and added a little water to bring it up to 1 1/2 cups. Also no 9" square pan but a 9x13 worked just as well.

The new ingredients made it heavier than I recall and much sweeter. But with lots of butter and real maple syrup, it was delicious. Tasted like the real McCoy.


  1. Eeten cold this morning, it was sweet, heavy and moist. I may have invented a new cake but next time, I hope to have all the ingredients for the old fashioned kind of Johnny cake (Ivanushka tort?).

  2. Sounds like me when someone gives me a recipe for something I love. Substitute crackers for eggs; substitute fake sugar for the real stuff, substitute milk for the heavy cream, then wonder why it doesn't taste like theirs did.


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