Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The World is my Oyster

The last few days I have been learning about the BC shellfish industry. Mainly oyster farming and processing, a $20 million dollar industry. Virtually all oysters produced in BC are farmed while e.g. about half the clams are still dug in the wild. Fancy oysters are sold whole and alive to restaurants where they are served on the half shell for large sums of money. They are eaten raw.
I ate raw oysters for the first and last time back in the late 80's in New Orleans where they were affordable. I was instructed thus: "One puts the raw oyster on a cracker, covers it with horseradish and then Tabasco Sauce (New Orleans sells Tabasco Sauce in gallon jugs) and then swallows it whole without chewing". Seemed pointless. I remember phoning home and announcing I had eaten six raw oysters but only three of them worked. Wives apparently have no sense of humour about some things.
My preference is smoked oysters which is my Christmas treat. Most members of my family consider them gross. Once I offered one to Bron's Black Lab, Desdemona, who promptly dropped it on the carpet and rolled on it, much to the delight of everyone else. I get no respect.

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