Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Prague Spring Holiday - Chateau Hluboka nad Vltava

Tanya and I arrived back from Prague early Tuesday morning.  We left the house at 5:00 pm Sunday 8th, arriving in Prague at 8:00 am on the 9th.  We left at 3:00 pm on the 16th and arrived home at 7:00 am Tuesday 17th. Getting to Kyiv and back took the time as the flight is only 2 hours.  Coming back on (Orthodox) Easter Monday meant the trains were full and we had to take an overnighter.

It was a computerless holiday, 9 days away from my link to the rest of the world. And a nice break it was for the rest of the world no doubt but I will not do it again.

We had six excursions as part of our package.  Bus and walk; bus and walk; bus and walk.  By Thursday my knees were so bad I could hardly keep up but by Saturday I was doing not bad for an old fat man.

Our first excursion was to Vienna and I will come back to that when I get pictures better sorted.  The second day we visited the Chateau Hluboka nad Vltava and Czesky Krumlov (which I will come back to later).
Hlubolka started life as a Medieval castle on top of a hill over looking the town.  Over the centuries it was transformed several times by various owners into a huge luxurious chateau. It currently is owned by the Czech government.

Tanya got a few pictures of the outside of the castle (below) but for pictures of the inside you need to go to the official website (link above in Bold).  No pictures allowed inside the castle.  And the rooms were dark.  And our guide was in a hurry.  The schpiel was all in Russian but I imagined it went like this:

And this room is either Princess Gabriella's Bedchamber or the Knights' Dining Room; I'm not sure which...or maybe it was both.  If there was light in here you would see this and this and this and this and this...but since it isn't and you can't, we'll just move on to the next room which is either the kitchen or the library...


  1. Hey, beautiful photos, but I personally do not like Prague. I did my internship there and it was so so cold...

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  2. thanks for the pics - glad you're back.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. Well you didn't miss much. The rest of the world is still crazy. :-)

  4. Good to see the first pictures from your trip. I liked your translation of the tour guide. We will be watching for further reports and pictures.

  5. Glad I still have some followers. I will try to catch up on reading everyone's blogs in the next few days.

  6. Gorgeous pictures, Pop. I can see why people go there!

  7. it makes us always want to be back there, with a classic design that the city is still awake from antiquity. i will came here after finish full day tour in bali


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