Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Problems with Links in Blogger

Every year on our holiday in Turkey, Tanya and I take a one-day excursion to someplace with ancient ruins.  We both love history and Turkey has a great deal of it.  The first year we went to Demre and Myra, then to Pamukkale and last year to Phaselis. This year we went to Dalyan (not to be confused with Dalian; THAT would have been an expedition).

The above paragraph is from yesterday's blog post.  It contains several links but they don't show up as they should which is blue and underlined.  They come our grey and not underlined - example being Dalian in the last sentence.  I have tried to make them noticeable by bolding, underlining and using blue font before I create the link but I still get the grey .

Anyone have any advice on how to correct this problem other than by changing blog host?


  1. You could change to.. oh, wait, you said OTHER than changing blog host.

    Nope. I'm no use here.

  2. I checked and my blog's links are shown in one colour when new, and another colour after they've been visited (by me); in both cases the links are underlined. You can change the colour of this or other features by going to the old dashboard page (it isn't called that any more in the current Blogger, but it's the page where all the stats and posts and other things about your blog are listed).

    On the left-hand column you should see an option to go into the 'Template' of your blog. On my page, this is the 2nd last item in a list of 10 items. Click on that and you should see a picture of your blog, and an option to 'Customize'. Click on that, and then select the 'Advanced' option in the short list of items that appears. Another list will then appear, and you should select 'Text colours'. The typical blue link you're after is colour #956839, so you can use that for your 'Link colour' or 'Visited link colour' - or both. Or you can select a different colour for visited links.

    However, I've no idea where the underlining is formatted. There's no option there about underlining. But on my blog, links are underlined. You may find a place somewhere in that Template editing section where you can specify underlining, but I suspect you'll need to change your entire template to get it. However, try changing the link colour and see what happens.

    This is only a partial solution, and I guess it will only apply if we're using the same version of Blogger - though I think that's likely, as the Blogger site upgrades itself without any choices on my part. Anyway, hope some of this makes sense. I'm not a geek; just an old publishing manager who had to make the big switch to independent decision-making when I gave up my paid job (and access to the talents of a whole bunch of layout experts!)

    1. Char, thank you for your excellent and very clear advice. I was able to find and make the colour changes as you described. So far so good. Now to solve the link problem.

  3. Your links in the previous post look blue to me and change color when I put the cursor on it.


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