Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Trying to Stay Sane

Reducing stressors has become a must.
I've made some rules for myself which I am more or less following.  Mostly regarding politics, religion and related social issues.

I have stopped trying to read everything as it is simply impossible to start with and I am finding that the themes repeat and repeat.  I have canceled several of my regular newsletters or whatever you call them.  Ezines is a horrible word.

If the tone of the headline or beginning of the article is ugly I stop reading it.  If it looks like it might be reasonably intelligent, well argued and that I might learn then I will attempt to read it.

One of the things that depresses me is the knowledge that the real enemy is not the person or problem in front of you that "hates you and wants you dead".  These are honest and can be dealt with.  It is the people who are supposedly "on your side" that are the true enemy, that seem to do everything to prevent success of the stated goal, caring only for their own vanity, position, wealth etc..  Ask any soldier.  Or anyone who ever worked in any kind of bureaucracy.  Hence my frustration with the "Luddites of the Loony Left" who divert energy from the more important goals of social and economic justice.

Instead I look for stuff that makes me smile.  DogHeirs website with cute puppy videos is great (I know cute puppy videos aren't news, Doonesbury, that is why I watch them). GoodNewsNetwork is another source of smiles.  And of course, FaceBook is loaded with cute pictures of dogs, cats, lids and other critters.  Jango is a great "radio station" in the net with all of my favourite music.

And I will steer very clear of serious stuff on this blog.  So much as is possible.  Three of my regulars commented yesterday about the overload of politics in America being depressing.  I need to keep up more or less with politics in four countries.  Canada and Ukraine.  America and Russia.  Not a pleasant prospect.

Oh, I have a couple of consulting projects ahead of me AND have begun reading my backlog of books.  History and otherwise.

Our holiday in Turkey was the best ever and that will fill a couple of blogs.

Tanya and I in Turkey on my 65th birthday


  1. This all sounds like a good plan. It will be great to hear more about your trip and see some pictures. I like the picture of you two looking all content and relaxed on vacation.

    1. Thanks, DC. Almost broke my resolutions already. there is an awesome chart on The Economist but I resisted the temptation to post it.

  2. Good grief! Your lack of reading contemporary matters could make your blog insufferingly boring. I will hope not!

  3. BF...glad you are back. Yes, reading and thinking too much about politics is just about enough to do you in. I really have almost all but left the virtual world....maybe a half a hour a day at the most. Went back to reading...don't you know I had to train myself to focus again on the written word ...that says something in itself. But I still do recommend the documentary Inside Job if you feel you are up to was just so interesting and kind of answers a lot of questions for me...if you do watch it I would like to know what you think...take care.

  4. BF you are right. I get dragged into the downer of politics here in the US, and the obvious conclusion is that I am just an observer and have little effect on the outcome. But, sometimes the insanity of the whole situation overcomes my resolve. I keep telling myself that at my age I need to mellow out...and look at cute cat pictures.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. afcg, I will try to watch it but may not be able to because of limited internet capability.

      Buzz, you called it. Cute cat pictures are much more healthful.

  5. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you, young sprout
    happy birthday to you.

    Happened to click on your blog tonight and, and lo, you were back

    thanks for the email, glad to see you back and that you are willing to pass the torch to the even younger 'uns.


    1. Hello, Blair. What part of America have you parked your motorhome in now? Glad you found me again. Send me an email with your thoughts on XL now going to JBS, it looks like.


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