Thursday, December 13, 2012

Where have you been?

The answer to that, from Wayne and Shuster's "Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde" was "I've been a broad".  I think they wrote the entire skit around that line.

I have been crunching numbers by the thousands, reorganizing them sixteen ways to breakfast and drawing nice pictures to see if any of them will tell me anything. when you have, just as one section, one country, one state, six counties and 43 vegetables, over 11 years, price and production, you can see how the numbers add or rather multiply.  And there are four or five sections. I am slowly getting close to a first draft, at least.

By the time night came I was too tired to blog or read blogs or think about blogs. So tired I was making stupid mistakes like copying one year's set of data into another year or one crop's data into another crop.  Stuff like that is catch-able and easily fixed but it takes time.

My computer had been acting up for some time and I was sure I had a virus but Kaspersky couldn't find it. When your msconfig file is missing, that is a sure sign something is rotten  in the state of Dellmark. Checked the internet and found SUPERAnti-SpyWare highly recommended.  So I tried it.  Found one serious something and things are running a bit better. When I have time, I will explore further.

Snowed yesterday.  And well it should have, since much of Europe was pretty much shut down and Kyiv got 70 cm.  We got 4 cm of wet snow only and then +1C temps, enough to melt and make everything either slushy or icy depending on where the salt trucks had been.  We have two shiny new sanding and snowplow trucks in our fair city.  AND a new real garbage truck on our route; no more tractor and wagon or old beater 3 ton.  Things are looking up.

We were late getting our garbage to the curb on Tuesday and had a fair bit as we had cleaned out the attic.  Tanya called the driver who turned around and came back for us.  That kind of service you don't get in North America, I bet. Cost us a whole dollar tip.

Went to town for groceries today.  Hadn't been for three days.  Timing was awesome.  Bread, donuts and such were warm from the oven/deep fryer.  Cheaper to buy food from the deli than go to a restaurant. Same benefit - no cooking and no dishes.

I will catch up on my blog reading as I miss my regulars, but it will be a few more days.


  1. We had our first snow this past week-end...snow followed by rain with temps below freezing. We need cleats just to get from the front door to the car. The roads are pretty well maintained, but we live on a dirt road that isn't...and it is a sheet of ice. Hoping the next storm will put a good snow pack down and cover the ice.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. We need about 10 cm of wet snow to pack into the potholes so we can drive a bit easier.

  2. Food prices here are starting to go through the roof. It's scary. With draughts and floods tornadoes and hurricanes it's been a terrible year for farmers and ranchers. But I'm sure you have the actual stats burned into your eyeballs. Moderately cold here (6c - 43F) and a lot of rain. At least we don't have to shovel rain. :-)

  3. I loved Wayne & Schuster. They just don't make 'em like than anymore.

    It's typical Calgary weather here: minus 16 and snow... changing to plus 3 and sun... changing to dark overcast and wild chinook winds... in the past 24 hours. Snow again tomorrow (or so they say), but it shouldn't amount to much - glad we're not getting 70 cm.

    Good luck with the number-crunching.

    1. You must have watched W&S as a teenager, then?

    2. Thanks, I'm going to take that as a compliment! :-)

  4. I've been out of my mind. The really interesting thing is that they know me there, and are very welcoming.

    Which you knew all along, didn't you?

  5. I didn't even know I had a misconfig file so wouldn't know to look if it was missing. What is a misconfig file?

    You are so right about working when you are tired. It doesn't matter what the task, you are asking for trouble by trying to push on. Sewing is an example. Stop before you are tired or you'll be sure to sew the collar to the bottom of a pant leg.

    1. msconfig, not misconfig, though you could do that with msconfig if you aren't careful.
      Go to Run and in the little window, type msconfig and have a look at what it does. If you are running Windows 7, hitting the Windows button and [r] at the same time will bring up the run window. It allows you to configure your windows OS to some extent.

      I can screw up enough with a computer, never mind trying a sewing machine. The new ones resemble computers anyhow.


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