Sunday, December 2, 2012

Zhovti Vody - some pictures

Someone posted some great pictures of Zhovti Vody on Odnoklassniki, the Russian version of Facebook which is much more user friendly and superb for pictures. .  If you can translate the web pages (I use Google Chrome so it is easy), you can likely sign up and surf pictures of people and places to your hearts content.  Tanya has used it to find many of the people she went to school with or to spend all day looking at other people's flower gardens.

Anyhow, here are a few pictures of our town.

This is looking east-northeast (NOTHING is square with the world) down Petrovskovo Blvd.  The new electronics and appliance store (Comfy) and grocery supermarket (Velika Kshenia  - Big Spoon in Ukrainian) are to the right.  To the right of them are apartment blocks and in the distance are three 16 story apartment blocks.

This is looking in the exact opposite direction from high over the town square.  the building is the Theatre.  This weekend there was a two day children's dance festival with hundreds of students from several cities.  We went today for three hours and I will blog about that when I get the pictures looked at. The yellow buildings are older apartments.

Theatre at Night

This is the opposite side of the square from the Theatre.  the building with the arches was a movie theatre in Soviet days but has fallen on hard times.  The yellow buildings are apartments.

Bogdan Khmelnitsky is the local hero.  In 1648 he and his Cossacks freed Ukraine from Polish rule at the Battle of Yellow River about 35 km from here.  Of course in 1653 he had to sign over to the Russians to keep the Poles from making a comeback.

Bogdan's statue has been different colours over the years so some wag made a composite
Bogdan's statue in the park on a foggy evening

Economics University
Commemorating the beginning of Uranium mining in the city
One of many bus stops
Russian Orthodox Church 
There are literally thousands of trees in the city.
Tree planting was a priority in industrial towns and cities
Our newest restaurant.  Not bad food.  Pricey, though.
One of many parks
Railway bridge over the Yellow River (I think)

Soccer pitch is well used.

The realities of life in the Soviet style apartment buildings.


  1. Looks beautiful, daddy-o. I have a few friends that want to tag along on my next trip to come visit you, so I'll have to show them what's in store.

  2. It is interesting to see some of the town. Looks beautiful there.

  3. Thanks again Al for your blog, nice to see the country where you live.

    Especially the Statue in the fog, brings to mind the vulgar old ditty from college days
    "Just walking in the park,
    gooseing statues in the dark
    If Sherman's horse can take it

    Oh , the random thoughts that go through an old man's memory.

    Take Care.

    1. DC, in summer it is lovely. Right now it is just soggy and sad, waiting for freeze up and snow cover.

      Blair, thanks for the "random thoughts".


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