Wednesday, March 20, 2013

On the Road in Turkey

We traveled from Ankara to Usak city and then Esme and Ulubey in Usak Province.  West Central Turkey, like all Turkey that I have seen, has some pretty unique landscape.  The country has more fault lines than an old man has wrinkles, plus volcanic action in times past, all of which adds up to the country looking like it was assembled one bit at a time by slamming together bits of land, leaving mountain ranges, plains and hills sort of at random all over the place.

Rock formations sort of stick out of the ground in places

Semi-flat country side 
Snow capped mountains in several places along the way

The other side of the road is flat with hills in the distance.

Rolling hills leading up to jagged rocky hills jutting sharply out of the ground

Continuation of the above picture

Tree plantation 15 year old red pine

Kisladag mountain

Village in the distance, scattered oaks in the fields
I am sure a geologist can make a better description but this flat land prairie boy is used to large tracts of land all looking essentially the same, so I find this interesting.  Tanya took some pictures on the fly and so did I.  Some other pictures are from a few years back and can be found here


  1. Fascinating topography! That appeals to this prairie girl, too. :-)

  2. Interesting to see what the area looks like.


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