Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Otel Dülgeroğlu, Uşak, Turkey

Otel Dülgeroğlu, Uşak, Turkey is my favourite hotel in Turkey.  I have stayed there several times over the past 10 years.  It was built over 110 years ago as a caravanseray or inn with an open courtyard.  In the mid-80s it was purchased by the Dülger family and converted to a hotel by putting a roof over the courtyard.

I had hoped the client would book us into this hotel as I knew Tanya would love it. We were only there two nights but long enough for Tanya to fall in love with the hotel and with Uşak which is a small rural provincial capital (180,000 people according to my local source) in west-central Turkey.

Outside view of the unique angular shape.  Photo from here.

Rooms open onto a landing that looks down on the courtyard

Flash shot of the landing

Another flash shot of the landing

Daylight shot looking up from the courtyard
Me at work Sept 2002

The bed in our suite

Four meter ceilings and fancy drapes
This many centuries old mosque is over a meter below current ground level

Street scene from Usak


  1. This was supposed to have appeared Monday. It was Published but ended up saved as Draft.

  2. Slick. I've never stayed in a place half that nice.

    BTW, I asked you a question on the post about the digging tool, and I sure would like your thoughts if you have a chance to get back to it.

  3. How do you manage with language differences in Turkey? i.e. when you and Tanya are vacationing, not when you are working and I presume have an interpreter with you

    1. When we are on vacation, everyone speaks Russian at the resorts we go to. Every major vacation language has its own resorts where those people congregate and the locals around all speak that language. In Usak it was all grunt point and sign language but we got on fine.


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