Friday, August 15, 2014

And Closer

According to the most recent reports I have seen the "Aid" convoy is being inspected by Ukrainian border guards on the Russian side.  Some of the commenters noted that some of the trucks seemed to be relatively empty, though I have found no English language news reports of this.

The exact purpose of the "Aid" convey is yet to be revealed. The cottage industry of pundits has many hypotheses, of course.  I am reminded of the guy who crossed the border every day pushing a wheelbarrow loaded with sand.  The sand was searched thoroughly every day but nothing was found.  Finally they gave up and "We know you are smuggling something and if we leave you alone, will you tell us what it is".  "Simple.  Wheelbarrows."

Two Guardian reporters who accompanied the convoy stated they saw a number (20+) of armed personnel carriers with Russian insignia on them cross into Ukraine Thursday night, and Ukrainian news reports that the Ukrainian army clashed with them and destroyed some. Russia of course denies this, for what that is worth. Russian military equipment seems to cross the border quite freely and frequently.

In spite of the claim by Putin et al that Russia is not involved and has no control of the situation Lavrov said he spoke to the terrorists and they would allow the "Aid" convoy to proceed.  No doubt.  Although the journalist suggests that it will come under fire from the terrorists anyway, as they are already shelling the corridor to prevent civilians from leaving Luhansk. (Use Google Translate)

One thing sure, Putin is not going to back off.  However, on  lighter note, we do have allies.  A friend of Andrei's just got back from Turkey.  At the resort, Ukrainians and Russians got into a discussion and eventually into a brawl.  Polish and German guests came in on the Ukraine side. The Turkish staff stayed out of it but were definitely sympathetic to Ukraine.

You may have also heard, Putin has banned all food imports from any countries which have applied sanctions against Russia. Since Russia imports some 30% of its food, there are fears that this presages a return to Soviet bread lines.

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  1. No matter what one believes, this is not a good situation!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  2. Been off line a while - are you still in Canada?
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. I like the cartoon, but the truth of it makes me nervous...


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