Thursday, March 5, 2015

International Women's Day and Other Happening Things

March 8 is International Women's Day.  In this part of the world it is bigger than Valentine's Day which is a rather Johnny-come-lately import.  In this most misogynist of all cultures, IWD celebrates "traditional values of feminism".  In other words, flowers, chocolates, jewelry, dinners...

Today I went for a haircut and wanted to take Yulia flowers.  Three days early.  Lina had us in kinks laughing, when I announced that at the supper table a few days ago. According to her, if you buy a woman flowers two days before "Vosmoia Marta", she is your Mistress; one day before, your colleague; on the day of, your beloved; and if you forget totally, your wife.

We were on Skype with Tanya's sister today.  Valarie is threatening to buy Luda an ironing board for IWD.  She has needed a new one for months and months and keeps putting it off until "next time".

Two days ago it was so cold, windy and rainy all I wanted to do was curl up in bed for the day and keep warm.  I offered Tanya 100 hrivna if she would go out and feed Volk.  She said she would give me 200 if I did it myself.  (I should have offered her 500.  1000 hrivna would pay for lunch on Sunday).  So today I claimed the 200 and gave it to Yulia in lieu of flowers for my 50 hrivna haircut.

We have reservations for 8 for 1:00 pm at Sweet House on Sunday for lunch. The whole famn damly, including Baba Natasha.  My treat, along with flowers for everyone. Andrei is supposed to come but if he doesn't Masha can bring one of her friends.  But apparently not her friend Sonja as they aren't friends anymore; they have been fighting.  Eleven year old girls!!!

Sveta has adopted Kashtanka, the small red female dog I had hoped would be a companion for Volk.  She is only a year old but was already someone's house pet and is well trained.  She and Murashka, Sveta's cat, love each other, play together, sleep together (on top of Sveta) and it just isn't fair to put her outside.

There has been a very thin stray female that showed up from time to time and which we fed whenever she was around.  If I could gain her confidence, I had hopes she would stay.
She disappeared for several days then showed up with all her friends in tow.  They come around the yard every day and bark at Volk.  I would love to let him run but am not sure when I would see him again.

The cats come in from outside about 11:00 pm, just before we go to bed.  They retire to our bed to sleep for (most of) the night.  But first they have to clean the mud out of their feet.  On our bed.  Tanya put a throw blanket down at the foot of the bed, which we gather and shake every morning. Works good.

Bonya and Tigritsa share a chair


  1. Happy IWD to all concerned; regardless of when/if they get their flowers. ;-)

  2. IWD passes without much notice here, except perhaps a notice in the media that someone has named the day. I like the idea of flowers and a big dinner together. I love big family gatherings of any kind. I am imagining your dinner being quite boisterous and happy. I send my regards to all of your family's women, whether for their "traditional" feminism or otherwise!

    1. Thank you, I will pass it on. Yes, there will be a great deal of talk and laughter at our table. We have fun together. I wish my kids could join us...someday.

    2. It is also Daylight Saving Time in America so they get shorted an hour... situation normal.
      the Ol'Buzzard


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