Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Life in the Cat House

It is an ugly day outside; there is no other word to describe it. Yesterday was only marginally better. In spite of four dental fillings in the morning, when two boxes arrived from Interflora, Tanya, with help from Sveta, had to get them in the ground.  One box of rose bushes and one of bulbs.  By the time they got them planted, along with a bucket of onions and several rows of peas, it was 6:000 pm and starting to rain hard.

Rained hard all night; it's a muddy world out there
At 1:00 am Bonya started meowing to go outside.  When that didn't work the three cats started tearing the house apart.  I opened the door and they leaped out into the cold, wind, and rain.  I tripled locked the outside door and double locked the inside door.  Get me out of a warm bed!

At 7:00 am Tanya let them in.  Bonya and Tigritsa were dry and immediately jumped on the bed and went to sleep. Vovo came home several minutes later soaking wet and Tanya had to towel him off. He was all warped out of shape, followed her around like a pup then got a noisy toy and beat it to death which got Tigritsa into the act.  They finally all settled down and slept the rest of the day.

Making the bed can wait

Tulips and such are growing but slowly.  Note our 'new' fence from our old roofing sheeting

Not Victoria but not Regina, either

Waiting for warm weather
Three storks wading in the swamp, wishing there were frogs

Library Cat hides from the world in her books
Pictures from Tanya


  1. Replies
    1. They are a symbol of Europe. We have nothing like them in North America. Herons tend to stay in the wilds.

  2. Ah, the flowers are such a nice breath of spring! My daffodils are about 4" tall in the protected bed on the south side of the house, so there's hope...

    1. There have been tiny flower blooming here for a couple weeks - crocuses, hyacynths etc. Just enough to give a promise that some day it will warm up and be spring.


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