Sunday, June 28, 2015

Masha's pictures

Tanya downloaded 350 pictures from Masha's camera onto my computer.  Half are from our holiday in Bulgaria,  Most Masha took with a couple of obvious exceptions (she is in them).

Today was a perfect day and we spent most of it on the beach.  Swimming and sunning.  Lots of locals out today, dozens of little kids having a great time in the warm shallows.

There is a lot of nonsense on my FB feed about "Bikini Bodies".  99.9% of the females here, young and old, short and tall, big and small, have bikini bodies.  They each have a body and they put a bikini on it.  End of story.  Europeans are far less hung up about the human body than North Americans.  I credit that to their luck in avoiding teachings of Knox and Calvin who have ruined more lives than alcohol.

More older people today but this is definitely a young people's beach.  I am in the oldest 1%.  80% are between 20 and 40 years and 60% between 25 and 35.  This has benefits for amateur astronomers.

Looking north from the dock

The sea at its roughest 

Masha ready to swim

This looked like fun - for someone else

There were a few jellyfish once in a while but very few

Colourful rooster in Nesebar window

I love this picture.

Do you have a piece of shashlik for me?

And a french fry for me?

Jellyfish (medusa in Russian)

Busy beach


  1. I'm struggling to understand the significance of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip at the top of the right-hand column of this blog page. But the holiday itself looks lovely. I had to smile at your photo of the sea at its roughest though. At my local beach about 20 minutes' drive from my home, a rough sea means 5 metres of coastlline carved out and washed away, and anyone foolish enough to be fishing on the shoreline never seen again! All the climate factors are so extreme in Australia. Things look a lot calmer over there - perhaps not so true in the political sphere, I guess.

    1. I am a Royalist and that was such a good picture. The Black Sea in winter is pretty wild, but in summer not so. Mediterranean the same. Yes, politics here is pretty rough, especially where Herr Putler is involved

  2. I never thought of Bulgaria as a place to vacation, but you're making it look good.

    Actually, Bulgaria is one of those places where about the only thing I know about it (other than it was a Warsaw pact country) is more or less where it is on the map. And then I usually confuse it with Romania.

    1. I hate to admit it, Nan, but I am in the same boat, except I know Romania is north of Bulgaria which borders on Turkey and Greece to the south. As to tourists, here in Sunny Beach, there are people from all over the FSU as well as Germany, UK, and a Peruvian now from Ghana. It is not expensive at all.
      And I need to read some Bulgarian and Romanian history.

  3. What a great line: "...Knox and Calvin who have ruined more lives than alcohol"! Too true. And I like your take on 'bikini bodies'. Back in the day, I had hoped we'd eventually evolve to the point where women adopted men's relaxed attitudes about their physical appearance. Now a couple of decades later we're going in the wrong direction entirely - the young males are getting caught up in the whole distorted body-image thing, too. It's enough to make me despair.

    Still, your photos look lovely - I'm glad you're enjoying your vacation, bikinis (or lack thereof) and all! :-)

    1. Well, my body image is pretty distorted.
      Finished Spy #3 and #4. Into #5. Good thing we go home soon so I can reload. When is #10 due out?

    2. Wow, you're blasting through them! Book 10 should be out by the end of summer - I don't have an exact date yet, but I'll be announcing the preorder and the release on my blog as soon as I know. Wishing you safe travels!

    3. wonderful pics. Thanks for sharing.

      For some reason (could it possibly be global warming) shark attacks and sightings near beaches have increased dramatically this year.

      have a great summer.
      the Ol'Buzzard

    4. No sharks in the Black Sea and none in the Mediterranean that I know of.

  4. Must have been some amazing scenery for an old guy like me. Diane's books got me through the dregs of winter this year. I am patiently waiting for the latest to be available. She is sly at marketing, too. The first one was free for my Kindle. Sucked me right in.

    1. You would be amazed at how fast the "scenery" gets old. Maybe it is just me as I have lived in Ukraine so long.
      Yes, I got a free Spy #1 book too and now it costs! But good fun.


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