Saturday, June 20, 2015

Swimming at Sunny Beach - TANSTAAFL

It is a 10 minute walk from our hotel to the beach.  The beach is soft sand and you have to wade out quite a ways to get to water deep enough to swim.  The Black Sea is much less salty and much less buoyant than the Mediterranean so I cannot swim here like I can in Turkey.  So Masha and I stay in the shallows while Tanya swims far out.  Yesterday the waves were quite strong.  The water was to Masha's waist and the waves were over her head. The water was cold until you got used to it; my Sibirochka loved it.

Two-thirds of the beach is roped off with lounge chairs and umbrella tables for rent.  The other third is for people to lay on their own towels.  Renting a lounge is 4 BUL and if you want the umbrella table it is another 4 BUL.  So if Tanya and I wanted lounge chairs and an umbrella table it would be 12 BUL per day or 120 for 10 days.  That is $85 CAD.  At our hotel we get breakfast and supper only.  Tea, coffee, juice, or water is available only at breakfast.  At supper you pay.  This is how they keep the package prices as low as possible.

Last time Tanya and I were in Turkey, we had an all inclusive package that included all three meals, private beach with lounges and umbrellas or screens, free bar all day long.  It will be interesting to see what has changed when we next return.

I have not taken any pictures on the beach.  Viewers, depending on their bent, would accuse me of being either voyeuristic or not voyeuristic enough.  I have noticed that the ubiquitous under-wire push-ups are discarded in favour of cloth triangles and string.  In many cases it is quite a let down.

One old lady, much to Masha's amusement, was topless.  She and her husband reminded me of this cartoon

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