Friday, November 18, 2016

Things I love, that make me happy

  1. Couples who have loved (or endured) each other for 60, 70, 80 years.
  2. People who can write that the 127,344th reason they love their spouse is that they brought home sushi . . . and a dead squirrel.
  3. Couples and friends who tease each other, gently, of course.
  4. Devastatingly witty put downs, especially when aimed at me (so no feelings are hurt) and especially when they come from my children.
  5. Baby goats.
  6. Babies laughing and small children shrieking with delight as they play.
  7. Wild animal families showing love for each other.
  8. Wild animals playing, especially the young.
  9. Animals of different species showing a bond of affection for each other.
  10. Bad jokes, dad jokes, terrible puns, inappropriate jokes.
  11. Reading to learn and to understand.
  12. Flowers, whether growing wild by the road, in Tanya's garden or in Butchart Gardens.
  13. Cows and calves in good grass.
  14. The smell of new mown hay and well made silage.
  15. Wild geese in giant Vee's in spring and fall.
  16. Meadowlarks (I miss Meadowlarks.)
  17. Coffee
  18. Woodworking
  19. Seeing parts of the world that others do not normally seek out
  20. Pictures of beautiful landscapes.


  1. Replies
    1. I could not begin to list the people I love that make me happy so I didn't even try. Maybe I will make another list.

  2. This is a wonderful list. I particularly approve of #2.

  3. Replies
    1. Good one. I will add that to my next list, along with Jackie Sue's.

  4. Ahhh... I love meadowlarks, too - we don't have them in Calgary but I get my fix when I drive across the prairies. And I have to add... the smell of alfalfa.

    Thanks for the list - it made me smile!

    1. You are welcome. Sometimes we need to force ourselves away from things that make us hate, fear or angry of which there has been no end lately. We can still smile.

  5. I've always admired couples that were good together and stayed with each other for many years.

    1. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have just celebrated 69 years. That had to take some doing.

  6. Love those silly jumpy bouncy babies!
    Add to the list... the smell of a newly manured field. Yes, manure. Not the nicest smell in the world, but it signifies growing, and continuity, and a new crop in the spring. I know, I'm crazy for liking that.
    And those couples who stay together for 50, 60 years. Admirable, but how do they manage to survive it? I didn't!!!!!

    1. Hah, I so wanted to put that I liked the smell of manure but thought people would deem me certifiable.
      Yes, I wonder how they stay together too.I often wonder how much was love and how much was simply endured for lack of an alternative. I wish all marriages could stay together for love.


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