Sunday, October 20, 2019

Getting Lucky

Five days ago, a skin and bones pup showed up on our doorstep. He was bright-eyed and wagging his rat-tail. No idea how old he is or where he came from, though Andrey told us he had seen him on the E-W road south of our place. It was either put him down or keep him. We now have three dogs.

Tanya bought some good dry puppy food and he also gets a bit of chicken meat, heart, or liver once a day. His appetite is very good and while he lives on our front landing, body functions are done in the flower garden.

Once he gets a bit of meat on him, we will take him to the vet for his shots and make arrangements for neutering him. Neutering is starting to catch on in Ukraine compared to 11 years ago when we got Volk and Bobik. I wish I'd fixed them. Now, if an ownerless dog is brought to a vet for any reason, it will get fixed and get a small plastic ear tag to identify it as such

Naming him was easy. We asked Dasha. "Його звуть Lucky", she told her Babushka. "Ви розумієте Lucky?" (His name is Lucky. You understand 'Lucky'?). So Lucky it is. He will learn it eventually.

He has his own house to keep him warm on these cold fall nights. The cats weren't using it. Bonya prefers to sleep on Tanya. So we moved it outside to the landing. What happens in winter remains to be seen.

The older dogs, Volk and Kashtanka, checked him out and ignored him, though when he wanted to play with Kashtanka, she was all for it. Next week, I need to buy more puppy food and some toys to chew on.

Lucky's little house


  1. "Lucky" is the perfect name for him! He's a handsome pup, even in his skinny condition.

  2. He has beautiful colouration and markings. And he really IS lucky, finding a good home with you.

    1. He looks part German Shephard but what else is anyone's guess

  3. I have an inkling that he's not going to fit into that little doghouse for very long. He's a very handsome little chap. And his name suits him perfectly! How does he get on with your other dogs?

  4. I am afraid he will be a big dog but his growth may have been stunted somewhat. The other gigs don't seem to mind him and he is not afraid to stick up for himself


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