Saturday, November 2, 2019

Further Adventures of Lucky

Lucky adopted us on Oct 15th and since then has filled out until he is no longer the starving little waif he was then. We gave him an unused cat house to live in and some real toys to play with. He has almost outgrown the little house.
I still fit
Filling my little tummy
 His favourite toys are two empty yogurt bottles which he has chewed the labels off. He likes his squeaky ball, rubber donut, and rope too
Aren't I cute, Mama?

Gathered and dumped toys
 Tanya tidied his toys into a plastic tub. He promptly dumped the tub and then looked up at her as if to say "Aren't I cute?".

The weather is now freezing at night so Tanya found him a doggy coat which was too big and he lost it in the yard someplace. I have not found it yet.

He spent some time in with the older dogs which both he and Kashtanka enjoyed. Volk is too old to play and Kashtanka is not. He will be our replacement for Volk in a few years. We will still have to warn the meter readers to be careful not to bite the dogs.

Our cats have reason to be afraid of dogs but Bonya is not afraid of Lucky and Vova is getting used to him. Only Tigritsa will have nothing to do with him and runs.  She comes in the back door or the upstairs balcony.

Lucky loves to come into the house to play and eat the cats' food but then he doesn't mind going outside again. I am sure he is housebroken as he has never had an accident on our front landing like a little puppy would. I slept in this morning until Tanya woke me up by throwing Lucky on the bed. He was very happy to see me and I got my face washed for free.
Free morning face wash
Quite comfortable on our bed


  1. I can see that Lucky is bringing joy and fun to everyone in your household -- humans and other animals included!

  2. Replies
    1. If one doesn't show up on your door, try the humane shelters

  3. Awwwww. What a sweet little baby. Looks like he'll be a handful later on.

    1. Tanya will tune him in. She taught him to sit today

  4. Sounds like a smart little woof :D How cold does your weather get in the winter?

  5. He looks like he might have some shepherd in him. Another dog for you to walk.
    How is your recovery?
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. I think he does have some. How much we'll see when he grows up. Will he be 30 lbs or 30 kg?
      I've just been letting the dogs walk themselves and have been trying to finish a consulting report. Crunching numbers is easy. Telling the story not so much.

  6. Aw, what a cutie! He'll definitely keep everybody on their toes. :-)

  7. He's a very cute little chap! And very lucky too, as his name implies! You are going to have so much fun with him. Any idea where he came from?


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