Saturday, July 30, 2022

Russians Massacre Azov Fighters in Olenivka

 A few days ago the Russians posted a video of the castration and subsequent shooting of a Ukrainian POW. It went viral and drew huge condemnation on Russian from all over the world. They also posted a video of  the head and hands of a Ukrainian POW impaled on a fence.

Yesterday 53 POWs from Mariupol were murdered and 75 injured by the Russians in Olenivka DNR. A new prison was constructed and prisoners moved into it. The guards and other Russians all withdrew from the area. That night a thermobaric bomb they had hidden inside the building exploded and burned to death the prisoners. The Russians fired three salvos of grad rockets to cover the noise of the explosion.

The last holdouts in the siege of Mariupol were ordered to surrender to save their lives. These were the Azov Battalion, the so-called Nazis. The expectation was that they would be traded for Russian POWs. There was no intention to do so. The prisoners were taken to Donbas and have been tortured since their surrender. To return them alive would destroy the Russian story of the Nazi Battalion.

A few days ago Russian "war correspondents" began circulating their "interviews" with these prisoners. They confessed to every horrible crime imaginable all carried out under the direct orders of Zelensky. 

On the morning of July 29th, the story was that the POWs had been destroyed by Ukraine with a HIMAR strike on the orders of Zelensky for telling the truth.

There was no missile strike, no one heard any incoming sound at all. The small amount of damage to the building, burn marks on the building and victims were all indicative of a thermobaric weapon. 

The result of the castration video and the murder of the POWs will mean that surrender is now out of the question for both sides. The no quarter flag has been flown, and it is war to the knife.

Wing of the prison where the explosion took place

Inside view showing how everything was burned

Translation of SBU intercepted phone call


  1. Awful.
    I hope your life in Canada is going well.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  2. So many appalling atrocities and war crimes.

    1. Russia has targeted civilians 60 times more than military,m 17,000 to 300. It is not all random. Yesterday they killed a grain merchant and his wife with a direct rocket into their bed room window because he would not allow the Russians to steal his grain. Many if their most hideous direct hits are targeted. Like the medical centre and the shopping mall

  3. Tundra Bunny here... What a sickening turn of events! So much for the Geneva conventions -- Putin and his military commanders are now in the same class as Hitler and the Nazis for commission of war crimes and atrocities. I had a sinking feeling at the time of the Azov Battalion surrender that they'd end up in a Siberian POW Camp, probably interrogated and tortured, but not killed in such an appalling manner. How is this all NOT going to end in WWIII?

    1. I think we are already in WWIII but don't recognize it as such...yet

  4. So horrible and sad. I am glad you are safe, but so sad about the many that still must try to survive and live there during these atrocities.


    1. I have survivor guilt. So many people have lost their lives or their limbs or their entire world. It is so sad.


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