Thursday, May 31, 2012

And old ale and sandwiches, too.

One feature of the Askania Nova Biosphere is a large zoo-park. Part of which is located on the grounds of the former owners (with the house used as an office) and with the usual zoo pens, paddocks and cages.  Part is located on several hundred hectares of grassland where the animals all run loose together and one takes a minibus safari.  We did not have time for the latter but did tour the former.

I do not like animals in cages and small pens unless they are domestic and have been bred to it for centuries, but most of these had room to run around and I think they were switched off with their mates out in the open grassland.

Part of the original owner's manor

Statues carved by Scythians, ancient peoples of the Steppes

Large pond with many species of waterfowl

Nutria sleeping in his hollow log
Gnu munching on hay

There were many African veld species represented in the zoo

The Przewalski Horse (Equus przewalski poliakov) is the last remaining wild species of horses.
A "recreated" Aurochs, reverse selection to return to the original Bos

Did not get the name of this cattle beast but Indian subcontinent, I am sure.


  1. Anyone besides my brother getting the reference in the title without looking it up on Google has my highest respect.

  2. missed the reference.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. Little Albert and the Lion performed by Stanley Holloway

      So seeking for further amusement
      They paid and went into the zoo
      Where they'd lions and tigers and camels
      And old ale and sandwiches too