Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers' Day

When the kids were in elementary school, if a parent volunteer were needed for a school outing, I would go as often as possible.  We had a full-size 8-passenger van and could haul lots of kids if necessary.  For many of those years, Ella was home with preschoolers, ours and others, and besides it was an excuse to skip work.

When #1 Son was in Kindergarten, the class went for a morning outing to the Canada Geese hatching grounds at Wascana Park.  I was the only father in the crowd.  When we had everyone herded into the fenced area, the teacher took over control of her class and said "All you mothers, sit over there".

I spoke on behalf of the parents at his Grade 8 Graduation exercises some years later and recalled the incident, commenting that I had been called a Mother before but usually as part of a compound word.


  1. Darn you stole my concept. I wasn't able to figure out a tactful way to incorporate it into a post so I didn't.

    1. True story. I was out walking the dogs and it hit me as a perfect post for Mother's Day that wasn't all sappy. My own mother would just shake her head if she read it.

  2. Was the compound word "Mother-dear"?


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