Saturday, May 19, 2012

Perils of the open road

Wednesday morning we left for Askania Nova. 

On our way out of town a flash of colour caught me eye and I glanced sideways at two women who were walking along the sidewalk.  Of course, right then the car hit a hole in the road.
"Watch the road, not the women!"
"My dear, you know I only look at other women to remind myself how beautiful you are and how lucky I am to be married to you".
She replied in Russian.  I didn't catch it all but it may have had something to do with romance and travel.

An hour later we are stopped at a light in Krivii Rih.  There is a stunning drop-dead gorgeous blonde on the crosswalk, tight white dress, hemline and neckline threatening to meet in the middle.  I closed my eyes.
"I am not looking.  I will not look".
"Oh, go ahead and look at her.  She will never look at you".


  1. I desperately need the PAPERBACK VERSION OF "UNDERSTANDING WOMEN, VOL I." I think you need to read your copy.

  2. "She will never look at you".

    Wasn't it Groucho Marx that said he wouldn't join any club that would have him? If you have such an attitude toward women, you'll never run around on your wife like I have. Besides, does SHE never look at other men? Peggy sure does, and they're invariably guys who are 30 years--or more--younger than I.

  3. Fantasies are best left at that. But we can dream can't we?

    1. RB, there are two theories about understanding women; neither of them work.
      Snowbrush, I got all I can handle so I don't know why I still girl watch; just been doing it for 60 years so maybe habit?
      Demeur, We are never old till we stop looking. Now if I could just remember why...

  4. they have us trained. I feel I have to demonstratively ignore good looking women when I am with my wife. I double my concentration on what I am doing or obviously look the other way: I have this guilty feeling that she is watching me and downloading infractions for later use.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. O'B, me, too. I have to be sneaky and just steal quick glances. Most wives never seem to look at other men. I expect it is because husbands have put them off the entire species.


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