Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sweetening the Deal

A young friend of mine in Ireland is an IT specialist, entrepreneur, software developer and consultant.  Being a consultant is like being unemployed but you can hand out business cards and deduct expenses. Only it is nice to have something to deduct expenses from.

His wife suggested he improve the family cash flow or she was taking junior and going back to mother, or looking for a better offer or something equally desperate.  So Wayne, somewhat reluctantly like Andy Capp, started reading want ads and sending out resumes.

The trick of course is to stand out from the crowd, as any marketer can tell you and as Wayne knew well.  So he positioned himself, not as an IT specialist of which there are many and a dime a dozen, but as an email specialist, with extensive experience in automated emailing.

As an example so you don't think it is just spam, as I did when he told me, automated emails are the kind you get when you subscribe to something that tell you your subscription has been received and the newsletter will be shipped weekly to your inbox when you confirm your address by clicking the link.  And that sends out the newsletter on a weekly basis.  Etc.

As it happens, was looking for exactly just such a person.  Wayne got called for an interview, and another, and another.  He was down to the last interview and very excited about the job when his wife provided him with a way to sweeten the deal.  Apparently she was excited about the job too, or more like the cash flow.

One dozen home-made Amazon cupcakes

They went over wonderfully well and Wayne is now gainfully employed.


  1. Damn that looks good: my wife discourages me from eating too many sweets - as if there is such a thing.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. Wayne didn't even get one. All the interviewers and other Amazonians devoured them.

  2. Yeah I really wanted one too!

    Thanks for the post Al, Lynn is delighted to see her cupcakes are getting a mention online!

    My new phrase these days is "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, then bribe them with cupcakes".

    The only downside is that I seem to have acquired the nickname cupcakes, but that's a small price to pay to work in such a great place!