Thursday, November 24, 2011


MayB refers to all my pictures froom working trips as ABC.  Another Bloody Cow.  I like cows.  I take pictures of cows.  Many many pictures of cows.  I have pictures of cows from all over the world.  Now that I am back on line (railway station in Kyiv) I feel duty bound to share some of them with you. 

These are Kazakh White Head cows.  Many Many Many years ago the Soviet Union imported a bunch of Herefords from Canada.  It would never do in the FSU (hey, that rhymed) just to have Canadian Herefords.  They had to be "improved" by crossing with local Kazakh cattle and given a suitable new name so the university professor/institute scientist who invented the new breed could be famous. The "new breed" was recognized officially in 1953.

They are commercial Herefords in my opinion.  They look like Hereford range cows maybe with body type from 30 to 40 years ago, with horns from the Kazakh Steppe cattle they were crossed with.  They are good hardy productive cattle, too.  Enjoy.


  1. As I looked at the pictures I thought-those cattle look like herefords to me. It's been over 4 decades since I lived on a farm in Saskatchewan and I was gratified to see my recollection and your assessment lined up.

    ABC-maybe it could be theme for you. The C could be Cows, Churches, Cauliflower, Chairs, Cousins and such

  2. Good to see you back.
    After continental breeds came to the Prairies, and any animal of any color as long as it could be called an Angus, I miss the chance to see the tough old Hereford of old times in the Cypress hills.

    Glad to see they still exist.Glad you shared those pictures with us.

  3. I love good meats and produce but the stuff we're getting now is closer to shoe leather and the produce plastic.

  4. It is good to be back. I tried to catch up on blogs and left comments so you would know I was there.

    Barb,... and Constipation, Cataracts, Corns and Coronaries.

    Blair, you are right on about missing the Hereford range cows of days gone by. Do the modern breed types really work better or just look different?


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