Monday, November 28, 2011

You have to live here to appreciate this one fully.

Three men, an Englishman, a German and a Russian are in a contest on some kind of reality show.  They are each given three steel balls about the size of a baseball and each sent to an empty room. Whoever can come up with the most unique use for the balls in one hour is the winner.

At the end of an hour, the Englishman is juggling; the German has worked out an elaborate gymnastics routine and the Russian has lost one ball and broken another.


  1. I take it this is an example of Russian humor.

    Had an American been in the mix he would have dropped a ball on his foot and sued the producers. :-)

  2. I always wondered if in other countries, the "three guys from other countries" jokes ever included an American.

  3. It is definitely Russian humour.

    To be honest there are some of the "three guys" jokes that do include an American but most do not that I have heard.


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